1. How do I learn more about the specific opportunities K&A offers?

K&A has a wide range of careers. Keep an eye out on our careers site or LinkedIn page to stay updated on new positions as they become available.

Also, you may submit a resume to our TA team by emailing TA@kapower.us.

2. Does K&A provide any benefits to new parents?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of family life and the incredible experience of becoming new parents. We offer Paternity and Maternity leave and a 3-month supply of our IncrediBundles diaper subscription.

3. Does K&A provide professional development programs or tools?

We offer Tuition reimbursement for our employees who want to pursue further education, certificates, or licensing. We also value one-on-one mentorship with managers to foster career growth and discuss potential career paths.

4. What kind of flexibility does K&A have regarding work-life balance?

We truly understand the importance of work-life balance. We offer Flexible Paid Time Off and encourage employees to talk freely with their managers.

5. Are there opportunities to change career paths/departments within K&A?

There is! Here at K&A, we specialize in different areas of the industry and promote continuous learning and development.

6. Does K&A offer any time off for volunteer work within the community?

Yes, K&A offers one full day of Community Service PTO every year.

7. Does K&A appreciate employee feedback?

K&A values our employee's feedback, and we intentionally seek it to improve our benefits, culture, or other aspects of life at K&A.

8. How does K&A keep a close-knit culture, with many working in different locations and some remotely?

We regularly utilize Microsoft Teams calls to enable easy communication throughout the company.

Additionally, we have developed Coffee Connections and the K&A Buddy Program, aimed at fostering a sense of community and collaboration among employees.

The Coffee Connections program allows employees from all our offices around the world to connect, digitally or in person, over coffee and get to know each other. The Buddy Program partners new employees with other employees from different departments and teams, providing them with an opportunity to learn from each other and share knowledge.